My goal is to fill my Oil Paintings with Light, Shadow, and Mood.

Not to have the viewer look AT my work but INTO it.


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As soon as I saw his Original artwork in person I had to own one.

Anne Arnold - Collector

"His detail is breathtaking, up close and personal."

Terry Isaac

Keith is an absolute professional in every way. Even his paper prints are handmade works of art!

Thomas Smaith


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I'm thrilled to announce that this new oil painting titled GOLDEN is now complete. I feel that my use of Browns and Golds struck a good balance with my other black and white work.

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Echo is Currently displayed at the Grant Berg Gallery in Grande Prarie, AB. Prints are available here.

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ELEGANCE was a painting that was feature complete at my last show, but still needed a few coats of varnish.

It's now all finished and up for display in my home gallery.

At 24x36 in it's a little bit of a smaller piece and therefore hopefully a bit more affordable.

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This oil painting, titled Morning Light had been waiting for an official release due to my backlog.

I was finally able to get the last few highlights and a coat of varnish on it today making it fully complete.

This backlit painting of a young grizzly bear speaks of mood, peace and a calm gentle morning as the sun rises over Banff National park

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