Keith Andrews is a visual artist living in Calgary, Alberta. His inspiration is the majestic scenery of the Canadian Rockies, teeming with wildlife year-round.

His spark of creativity was kindled by his parents, who gave Keith “The Art of Robert Bateman” in the mid-80’s. 

"I must have spent hundreds of hours combing through that book. I knew it was my true calling."

Keith spent most of his early years imitating the work but never finding his own voice.

"I felt like I was copying someone else's style.  I knew what I wanted to say, but not how to say it".

In 2006, Keith met renowned artist Terry Isaac (himself a former Bateman apprentice) and found a guide who encouraged him to strike out down a more personal path to find his own unique style. 

 Keith discovered the beauty and simplicity of Black and White. The minimalist feel and the mood it created compelled him, and he poured himself into further learning and practice in this new direction.

Having found that voice, in 2014 he turned to painting professionally.

Terry Isaac has stated of Keith's work "His detail is breathtaking, up close and personal."

Through his study and work, Keith developed a passion for wildlife conservation and donates a minimum of 10% of all sales to the charity of the purchaser’s choice.

He hopes that by widening the circle of compassion for wildlife and their habitat he can make a small, yet significant contribution of his own in the years ahead.